Ciencia PR basic info, history

Ciencia Puerto Rico (CienciaPR) is a nonprofit organization composed of scientists, professionals, students, and citizens committed to the advancement of science in Puerto Rico and with promoting science communication, science education, and scientific careers.


  • Promote the development of scientific research in Puerto Rico,  stimulating scientific collaborations that meet the needs of the people of Puerto Rico
  • Raise awareness about the importance of science in Puerto Rico and the role of its archipelago in the progress of scientific knowledge on a global scale
  • Serve as a tool for the formation of the next generations of Puerto Rican scientists


CienciaPR began as an initiative of the Council for the Advancement in Puerto Rico for Innovation and Scientific Research (CAPRI), a nonprofit organization interested in promoting research and development of the Puerto Rican archipelago. The idea was initially conceived by Dr. Daniel Colón Ramos (Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine) in 2005 in response to the lack of an entity to unite Puerto Rican scientists and those interested in science and Puerto Rico. CienciaPR was incorporated and established as an independent nonprofit in 2010. Dr. Giovanna Guerrero-Medina (Yale Ciencia Initiative, Yale School of Medicine) joined the staff of CienciaPR in 2007 and has served as its Executive Director since 2012.

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